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Crankin Engines Camp is an exciting and engaging course that provides students with a hands-on approach to learning about small engines. During this camp, students will have the opportunity to disassemble and rebuild an engine, allowing them to gain an understanding of its inner workings and how it operates. Crankin Engines Camp is for all ages! 

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Let the world know you rebuilt an engine at Crankin Engines camp. Every student who completes Crankin Engines camp receives a free t-shirt!

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Crankin Engines Student Information 
What WIll they learn?

Crankin Engines camp offers an excellent opportunity for students to gain a strong understanding of the mechanics of the combustion engine and gain valuable technical skills. At the end of this camp, students will be able to: 

  • Disassemble and reassemble a Briggs and Stratton engine

  • Grasp basic principles of chemistry, physics, geometry, and even a little biology

  • Describe engine components and the basic four-stroke engine operation

  • Independently explore engines and fundamental mechanical principles

  • Understand proper tool usage

Student information


  • This is a 3-day camp, 4 hours per day.

  • The cost is $160 per student, with Forsyth County, NC being the exception at $125 per student.

  • Parents/guardians assume all responsibility and liability for their students.

  • Camp conditions are outdoors in the shade, in garages, or indoors, so dress appropriately for your camp.

  • Students will stand for 4 hours with 10-minute breaks at the top of each hour.

  • The entire curriculum is hands-on work; there is no written work.

  • Bring your own water and snacks.

  • Registration closes 3 weeks in advance of 1st day of camp, by 9pm.

Registration & Refund Policy


Registration closes 3 weeks in advance of 1st day of camp by 9pm. All camps have an 8-student minimum and a 12-student maximum. Students may take the camp again within 12 months for free. Please contact MechaniChics directly ( to register a return student. Former students do not count toward the total registered students.  A full refund will be provided if the MechanicChics instructor cancels due to an emergency. If the 8 student minimum is not met, a refund is issued. Otherwise, there is a no refund policy. If your registered student can not attend due to illness or emergency, they are welcome to join another class within 12 months.



Question: What does the class cover? In a nutshell, 4-stroke engine, disassembly and reassembly of a Briggs and Stratton pushmower engine, geometry, physics, chemistry, tools, and a touch of diagnostics.

Question: How long is the camp? Crankin' Engines Camp is a 3-Day camp, 4-hours each day (either 8AM-12PM or 9AM-1PM)

Question: How can I find a camp near me? You'll find current and upcoming camps right here on this page. You can also check our Facebook page (linked on this page), or contact MechaniChics directly. If you don't see a camp near you, sign up to host! It's fun and easy, and we do all the heavy lifting. Literally. :-)

Question: What if we have an emergency or illness after we've paid for camp? No worries! Thanks for not spreading the illness. Feel free to apply that student fee to any of my other Crankin Engines camps in the next 12 months. If you have to reschedule, send me an email with the choice of which camp you'd like to attend (even if it's showing as full). AND, you can still take advantage of the free camp in the 12 months following the one your student attends.

Question: How should students dress? Close-toed shoes, long hair pulled back, modest clothing that can get greasy and does not have loose strings. No need to impress!

Question: What should students bring? Students can bring water and a snack if they'd like. All of the important stuff is supplied by MechaniChics, LLC: safety equipment, gloves, tools, supplies, and the engines. IF you would like to buy the tool sets we use for class, they're $80 and great for students who want to continue this at home.

Question: What is Little Cranks? Like the name suggests, Little Cranks is the same small engine class, but for 5-10 year olds. It covers the same disassembly and reassembly, but without the focus on math, science, and diagnostics. We take it slower, and parents are required to be present and participate with their youngster.

Question: What if I have more questions? Just reach out! You can email me at, or call/text me: 336-701-2502

Question: What are the qualifications for students? For Crankin Engine Camp, students must be 11-19 years old (parents can stay and learn for free, or drop and run). For Little Cranks Camp they must be 5-10 years old, and parental or guardian involvement is required. Adult classes are for students 18+. Students must also be okay to work with others, and must not have any bionic parts (pacemaker, etc.)

Question: What are some perks for attending this camp? Students can take this class any time again in the next calendar year for FREE. Parents can stay and learn for free. This class is also a pre-requisite for our high school level Auto Upkeep class, and that class is a pre-req for Applied Automotive.

Question: Can you come to my city/town/county? Sure! Since I might not have contacts in your county, I will be happy to help you draw the students in any way I can - Facebook, emails, or carrier pigeon. Word-of-mouth and personal requests are always best.


"My two sons took the Crankin Engines class by Mandie. They both appreciated her no-nonsense approach. The class was clear and the engine work was well laid out and explained. I would consider it a great success. One of my sons has moved on to interning with an auto mechanic this year. Our family would highly recommend it!"


- Jeanette W

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