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Hi. I'm Mandie.

I'm a type-A, ENTJ, home-birthing, homeschooling, homesteading mompreneur.  I eat a meat, veggie, fruit, and nuts buffet because I love food, and I work out hard so I can eat more. Because #girlguns.


How it Began.

My education started early - my dad was a diesel mechanic who worked on small engines at home. I was the gopher. It was a meager start, but I worked my way up to full-blown apprentice by high school, when he helped me rebuild the engine on my first car. 

I've always enjoyed getting greasy and fixing things. I'm a daddy's girl, and proud of it. He and I think with metal gears and grease in our noggin and gasoline in our veins.


I went to college and got a degree in Broadcasting while also trying to double major in Accounting, and I also went back to school later for Automotive Systems. Along the way, I became a homeschooling Mom of three sons and one daughter!

Let's Work Together!

It was a chance meeting with Rankin Barnes at a homeschool convention that started me on the teaching path in 2014. He is the creator of (c) Crankin Engines, and a darn good mechanic and teacher to boot. Not long after, I discovered the Auto Upkeep curriculum and started teaching it as a high school credit class.

In 2017, I had the good chance to work at a local mower shop. I loved it and learned a lot. In 2020, I was an accounting controller for a manufacturing company while MechaniChic'ing in the evenings. Thanks to NextDoor and Facebook, my business is booming, so much that I came back to MechaniChics full-time in 2021, and became an LLC in 2022!


Be sure to follow my social feeds to keep up with the work I'm doing, and reach out if you'd like to work together!

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