MechaniChics classes

4 classes

Priced individually
Take one or take them all
1 hour lecture, 1 hour hands-on

Bring a friend

Receive a $5 discount
Empower another woman
Begin the ripple effect


Women's groups

Skills workshops

Emergency Repair

I'm stuck.  Now what?

Equip yourself with the knowledge to do quick roadside repairs without waiting for the tow truck or paying for a shop.

Auto Systems
Engine Theory

The oil filter isn't an optional accessory.

Learn how to keep your vehicle in peak operating condition and prevent major problems.

The dog bone connected to the CV joint.

Learn how all the systems of your car work together to make a complete moving machine.

Why it purrs.

Every wonder how the magic happens?  All you do is add fuel and now you're traveling down the road in a large machine with wheels. Let's find out.

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