Need some car help?

Need work on your mechanical equipment? Hubby-do list too long?  Single and dreading going to the shop?  Don't need one.more.thing to upset your delicately-planned schedule?
Wondering why the mower in the garage is suddenly not cranking? Believe me, I know that feeling.

Want to know more about your car?
Would your children love to tear apart
an engine?

Our Services

- Automotive engine repair

- Automotive interior/body

- Small Engines

- Emergency Roadside Repair

- Women's Classes

- Children's Classes


Times vary based on availability.
Crankin' Engines classes are usually 9-12 hours.

Lawn equipment services are usually 1-2 hours.

Automotive service and repair varies based on work needed.

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Contact Us

Lewisville, NC

Tel: 336-745-9251

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